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Designing a branded QR code is a creative proces. There is no fixed price on QR code design, QR design depends on the amount of work and quality of available materials. Creating illustrations can be a lot of work but also the amount of communication needed determines pricing.

So, to make things easy, please be so kind as to detail your request as much as possible. We try making this easy for you: our QR code designs have level indicators (1, 2 or 3). Each QR design level has a ditto approximate price (ex. VAT).

Three branded QR code design levels:

QR code ratinglevel 1   QR design level 1  : A company coloured QR designercode and logo integration, ~ approximately € 295,- for the initial design, follw-up codes: ~ approx. € 95,- per code *
QR code ratinglevel 2   QR design level 2  : A QR code design incorporated into a campaign visual or existing conceptual artwork, ~ approximately € 645,-
QR code ratinglevel 3   QR design level 3  : A QR code design in need of a conceptual approach, ~ approximately € 1.245,-

* We can provide multiple level 1 designs at once. So when you need 30.000 branded codes, we can deliver!

  • All our QR designs are delivered in high resolution / scalable for pre-press/printing in .pdf and .eps.
  • All our QR code designs are accompanied with a one year free QR code analytics account!

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