QR code tracking software

Qtag's QR code management software provides real-time analytic reports on the number of times QR codes are scanned, which media types are used and have the best performance. Geographical IP based locations are listed to see in which areas the QR codes are most effective. Other powerful features enable you to further enhance your mobile marketing with QR codes.

  • Create and manage multiple client, product or service accounts;
  • Create multiple campaigns for each client, product or service;
  • Create and download multiple QR codes for each campaign;
  • Change the URL's after creation of a QR code;
  • Match media types used for a QR code;
  • Store QR codes you do not use any more in a central archive;
  • Move QR codes between different campaigns;
  • Send QR codes with instructions to your printer.


statistics QRcode software

Generate comprehensive reports and periodical analysis:

  1. Compare media types in which QR codes are used;
  2. Compare the number scans per used QR code within your campaigns;
  3. Get information on IP based Geographical locations of users;
  4. Information on used browsers and phone types.

Redirect options

  1. Language redirect: redirect customers to the correct pages of your mobile website based on smartphone language settings;
  2. Device / App redirect: Make a QR code cleverly react to the smartphone type. You can now send users to different URL's based on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or other operating systems. This may come in handy when you have an App for multiple operating systems;
  3. Time redirect: Schedule and send users to different URL's based on period and time (CET).

These options can be used combined or individually, all using just 1 QR code!

So, start maximizing your return on investment with the Qtag QR code software!

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