About Qtag

Our services reach much futher than most companies offering QR code tracking software and QR code design. We are full breed interaction- and graphic designers, front and back-end developpers and communication professionals. Getting your audience on your doorstep, that is our main goal.

Furthermore we rather speak of smart media instead of regular media. We know the past and the present, but we are always curious what future developments might bring. This is why Qtag (with more than 15 years of online experience) combines proven technology with innovative solutions originating from 4 key values:

  • Vision so our clients stay ahead of competition;
  • Expertise to guarantee practical employablity and enhanced quality;
  • Passion for going great length to reach the goals of our clients;
  • Innovatieve solutions are ultimately responsible for a fluid transition from regular to future media use.

In short?

We help boosting online business and improving communication through the use of smart media!

Contact us

Call us: +31 78 631 32 05 Mail us: Follow us on Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube channel Qtag Media

Some of our other services

  • Graphic design services;
  • Web application development;
  • Responsive webdesign;
  • Content management systems;
  • Concept solutions & development;
  • Interactive magazines;
  • Social media training & integration.

Example QR design

Hunkemoller QRcode logo integration design
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